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Our Story

Integrative Medicine Consulting Group

Nicole Fox, CEO

The Integrative Medical Consulting Group was formed in 2014 by Nicole Fox to address and change the systematic flaws in the current western medicine healthcare model by transforming medical clinics, educating practitioners, and help create a unique healing environment to promote healthier patients. 


Nicole Fox is a passionate and innovative entrepreneur with a desire to change the face of healthcare. She has been in the integrative functional medicine field since 2000 and has worked with hundreds of physicians throughout the country and is able to observe the intricacies of each practice. Nicole has had the privilege of working directly with the pioneer of Functional Medicine – PhD Jeffrey Bland, and the Functional Medicine Research Center. 


After 14 years in the industry, Nicole decided to go out on her own and take all the knowledge and passion for medicine that she had gained to open up her own integrative medical center.  The Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine was born and so was her vision of a true integrative healthcare center.  This center currently is working under the PPO insurance model that includes: Medical Doctors,  Family Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant,  Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Marriage Family Counselor, Lifestyle Educators,  Nutritional IV Therapies, and  Massage.  TCIM become an overnight success story and has proven that doctors can spend more time with their patients, provide high-quality care and generate significant revenue at the same time.


Nicole has expanded her business model and now is the owner of the Integrative Medicine Consulting Group, a CA based corporation, dedicated to changing healthcare and help MDs successfully practice integrative, functional, and lifestyle medicine.

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