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Integrative Medicine

Consulting Group


Our Services

Transforming Medicine While Supporting Physician's Dreams

Our Mission

IMCG is committed to supporting the forward movement of Integrative, Functional, and Lifestyle Medicine. We do this by working with healthcare practitioners in building clinics and lifestyle programs that focus on the reversal of chronic diseases. Our aim is to act as an extension of the practice, inspire and support doctors to get back into patient-centered medicine while increasing clinical revenue. We improve patient outcomes and practice management while positively affecting doctors, patients, and health care nationwide.


"It would be impossible for me today to practice functional medicine the way that I want to without the help of IMCG.  I would never have been able to set up my own integrative medical practice without utilizing their model and support. They have leveraged my knowledge and spread it across my clinic with multiple providers and practitioners to allow us to care for patients in a way that helps the healing process accelerate in ways that I only dreamed possible before.”

Erik Lundquist, M.D.

Temecula Center for

Integrative Medicine

Temecula, CA

“I’ve had the distinct, unique pleasure of watching Niki grow and expand as a person, as an entrepreneur and as significant  influencer in the field of medicine and wellness. I have witnessed her create her dream and well beyond from the ground up. More recently, I’ve had the blessing of her experience and support in my own personal and professional transformation as well. She has been a true inspiration.”

Jeff Egler MD

Parsley Health 

Los Angeles, CA

Niki Fox has been the single most important reason my practice of functional medicine has grown to be the success that it is. She has helped guide me through the process of organizing and creating structure while launching a non-traditional practice of functional medicine. Through her streamlined approach of integrating first line therapy, nutritional protocols,  and pharmaceutical grade supplements into my already existing practice of family medicine, I have learned to simplify functional medicine in a clinic that can still bill insurance and remain mainstream medicine.  Over the years Niki Fox has connected me to some of the most influential leaders in functional medicine. I am blessed to have her as a colleague and a friend.

Bridget Briggs, MD

Briggs Institute of

Epigentic Medicine

Temecula, CA

"Nicole Fox is a pleasure to work with and is an amazing person with immense knowledge in the functional medicine world. We had her build us a lifestyle program in our family practice. She has continuously supported us even after our consulting agreement ended. Nicole is committed to making the practice a success." 

Dr. Ibrahim Hanna, M.D.

Dr. Hanna's Office

Glendora, CA

A True Example of What's Possible

Temecula Center for Integrative Medicine




27450 Ynez. Rd. #100 Temecula, CA 92591

TEL: 858-877-0305  |  EMAIL:

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